Who We Are?

Welcome to Disha House

What will we make of this moment—as businesses, as individuals, as societies? Let’s start with the phenomenon of our age — Disha House.

Disha House is a creative technology company that dreams, designs and delivers. Disha House is a fully distributed company with over 140+ employees who work remotely from more than 15 countries. We are 100% Remote IT Company. We realise innovative dreams with unparalleled design and impeccable technical delivery.

Our clientele consists of companies in the industrial and services sectors. They face business disruptions, which we can reclaim with creative use of technology. By dreaming up differentiating offerings that increase competitiveness. By designing powerful user experiences that increase customer loyalty. By delivering intelligent connected systems that increase productivity.

We’re designers, engineers, strategists, innovators; 140+ individuals working together around the world.

Our Services


Blockchain Technology, IOTA, NEO, Private Blockchain, Smart Grid ...


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, WebVR, WebAR


IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Multimodal, Chatbot, Machine Learning

App & Game

iOS, Android, Sap, Interactive TV, UWP, Sailfish, Custom ROM


UI/UX, Product Deisgn, Motion Design, Visual Design, Protyping, Content Design

Data Science

Our data science practice draws on the incredible volume of information.

Technology Services

Sap, Oracle, SAS, IBM, ERP, Salesforece, Shopify, eCommerce Platform

Trending Technologies

Cyber Security

Disha House is one of the global leaders in preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud.

Quantum & Edge Computing

Disha House scientists are already harnessing powerful Quantum & Edge Technology to consider challenges beyond the scope of anything previously thought possible.

Multi-Domain Operations

This involves integrating our expertise in emerging technologies such as autonomy and AI, cyber security and open architectures to ensure mission success

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

Disha House engineers are building AI systems aimed at saving lives and increasing mission success in the toughest and most unpredictable of situations


Business Growth




Years Experience




  • “Our audience expect s high standards…solid t echnology, design, and creativity. We needed a mobile partner who could do more than simply implement what we communicated - we found that in Disha House.”

    Brian Fantana
  • Disha House had unique suggestions and understood our needs. We interviewed a lot of vendors. They are good list eners and very creative, which built a sense of trust from the beginning."

    Brick Tamland
  • They are expert in Blockchain, VR, AR and Mixed Reality Projects. Thanks Disha House.

    Ron Burgundy
  • Amazing experience. Great Work.

    Arturo Mendez

The purpose of a business is to create a customer

Disha House provides the full array of capabilities our clients need to extract the value of ERPs. They can mine multiple structured and unstructured data sets across their business.

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